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About Us

Jonathan & Jacqueline


Hey there, we are Jonathan & Jacqueline



We began in September 2020 after earning an English and Business bachelors degree. New York City is our city and the inspiration for creating CharcuterieNYC.  We are graced with diversity in culture & food that continuously keeps us in awe of New York's essence. Its influence translates into the symphony of flavor, color, and texture you will find in our boards.

As parents of a 5-year-old,  we do our best to incorporate nutritious foods on every plate and we are here to tell you Charcuterie is no different. There is plenty planned for your boards as we are constantly trying new things that are both nutritious and pleasing to the eye.

Our purpose is to bring happiness to your party or an intimate gathering with flavorful & aesthetic assortments.

Special thanks,


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